Tom Names Inspirational Award-Detail

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Tom Names Inspirational Award-Detail
Tom Names Inspirational Award-Detail

Jaylan Farmer
Mount Tahoma High School / Shoreline Community College

    2019 Tom Names Inspirational Award
    Jaylan Farmer - Mount Tahoma

    Congratulations to Mount Tahoma student-athlete Jaylan Farmer for his hard work, commitment, dedication, and passion for learning and competing and winning the 2019 Tom Names Inspirational Award.

    Jaylan's kindness, empathy, and inclusiveness are real and larger than life. Jaylan faced many obstacles during his high school career, but he met them all with "a can-do spirit." Whether it was overcoming how to hit a curveball, fear of losing, or not being successful, Jaylan always stepped up to the plate with a positive attitude and with grit and determination. When life's curveballs balls were too massive, it only made Jaylan work harder to achieve his goals. Jaylan's inspiration is infectious, and he makes the world a better place with just his presence.

    Coach Thayer writes, "I am so proud of this go-getter; he is a hardworking, respectful, and awesome student! He is always helping staff, mentoring students, and doing things for our community at MTHS. As a SPED student, Jaylan has taken Advanced Placement classes and works very hard in each class. He is graceful, has dignity, integrity, and persistence with ALL class work. Jaylan was a captain, and he helped students unconditionally. Jaylan works hard to lift their spirit. You have selected a VERY deserving young man! He will be attending Shoreline Community College, and he wants to be a Physical Education Teacher!!!! YEAH go figure...his passion."

    Jaylan was team captain for varsity baseball and caught and played center field. He was the quarterback for T-Bird varsity football team and swam freestyle and 200 relay medley. In the one picture, posing with a developmental student who was on his team, shows he knows he is OPEN to everyone, even those who have cognitive disabilities.

    The Tacoma Athletic Commission enthusiastically announces with honored and pride that Jaylan Farmer as the 2019 Tom Names Inspirational Award winner.
    Tom Names Inspirational Award-Detail
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